CS-Cart Coupon Code Suggestion


CS-Cart Coupon Code Suggestion Addon

The Coupon Code Suggestion Addon is a convenient and user-friendly tool designed to enhance the online shopping experience for customers on e-commerce websites. It is typically implemented as a feature within an online store or shopping platform, providing users with automated and personalized suggestions for applicable coupon codes during the checkout process.

Overall, the Coupon Code Suggestion Addon adds value to both customers and online store owners by streamlining the checkout process, promoting promotions, and potentially boosting sales.


  • The addon automatically detects and displays available coupon codes based on the items in the customer's shopping cart and on the checkout page.
  • The list of coupon code suggestions is updated in real-time, ensuring that customers are presented with the most current and valid offers.
  • Well integrated with both CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multi-vendor.


How To Install Coupon Code Suggestion Addon

How to Upload Zip file 

Click on setting>Manual installation a pop window will be displayed .you can install an add-on by picking a tgz,gz,zip format archive and clicking Upload & Install.

 Add-on installed.installation page

After Successfully installing the add-on Goto >Add-on on the administration panel Add-on>Manage Add-on>Ecarter Techonology Pvt. lmt. you see no. of installed add-ons or newly installed add-ons and add-ons must be Active/On status if the addon is Off it is not working.

installation page1

Open the addon
 Let's check how the addon works

Go to Marketing menu then click on >> Promotions. 

addon works

  • The promotions page will be open these promotions will be seen on a storefront on the coupon suggestion pop-up page on the cart and checkout page.
  • To create a new promotion or add a new coupon click on >> (+) icon.

promotion page

  • After clicking on (+) icon click on >> Add cart promotion.

add cart promotion

  • The promotion page will be open.
  • Give the name of the promotion and description after that switch to the condition tab.
  • On condition tab click on >> Add condition button and then from condition select >> Coupon Code.

promotion page

add condition page

  • After that give a condition of the coupon code and give the value of the coupon code.

coupon code page

  • Now switch to the bonus tab.
  • Click on >> Add bonus button.
  • Select the bonus type you want to give. 

add bonus page

  • Give bonus conditions and value. 
  • After that click on >> Create button.

create button page

Now go to a storefront

  • Choose any product open it and add product to cart.

product to cart page

  • Go to My cart then click on >> View Cart.
  • On cart page click on link >> Best Offer For You.
  • A pop-up page will open on that page it shows suggest coupon codes available for you. 

pop-up page

coupon codes available for you page

  • Here you see the coupon code suggestions select any you want to apply and click on >> Apply This Coupon button. A coupon code will be applied.

a coupon code will be applied

  • After the promotion is applied click on >> Proceed to checkout button.

proceed to checkout page

checkout page1

  • From the checkout page you can also apply the promotions click on >> Best Offers For You link to apply the promotion.
  • After that placed the order. 

promotion page

  • On the order details page here you see the promotion shown.

details page



Supported Versions:

CS-Cart, CS-Cart Multivendor 4.8.x, 4.9.x,4.10x,4.11x,4.12,4.13x, 4.14x, 4.15x, 4.16x, 4.17x


This app is developed and published by Ecarter Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a CS-Cart developer. You are guaranteed quality add-ons.