CS-Cart Customer Application

Online shopping with the CS-Cart Customer app is very easy as you get to shop from the comfort of your home and get products delivered to your doorstep. By downloading the customer app on your Android phone, ios phone you can effortlessly browse a massive collection of products from multiple categories including Electronics, Sports & Outdoors, Apparel, Movies & TV, accessories, and much more.

Simply download the CS-Cart Customer app on your device (android or ios ) and create an account for yourself. Now, you will be taken to the Home screen where you will find all the category products, along with amazing offers, deals, discounts, and some other app features mention below-


  • Login with OTP.
  • Easily type in the product you are looking for in the ‘Search’ tab and find it instantly
  • Narrow down your search using filters like price, color, brand to find your desired product
  • Check ratings and reviews given by other customers along with seller ratings, price, and description of the product while buying the product
  • You can also add products to your wishlist with a single tap.
  • To place the order, choose among easy payment options like Cash on Delivery (COD), debit card, credit card.
  • Track your orders inside the app, get notifications on personalized offers,  get notifications,  and upcoming sale events
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies in the app.
  • Chat feature (app built-in feature to chat with vendors regarding the product, orders)
  • Order communications feature(chat regarding particular order)
  • Wallet ( payment through wallet, add cash into the wallet for payment)
  • Reward point(users get reward points on every order and they can easily convert that reward point into wallet cash)
  • Well integrated with the existing CS-Cart multi-vendor store.

Upcoming Features:

  • RMA Features
  • Attachment in a product reviews 
  • Attachment in chats
  • Search products through voice and image recognition.

Ecarter Customer App Addon:

Ecarter Customer App add-ons menu provides a facility to customize your app homepage layouts.

Customer App Menu:

Banner: In the Customer app addon menu under the Banner option, Admin can add new Banner, update banners for homepage layout.

Products Grid: In the Customer app addon menu under the Products Grid option, Admin can add a product’s grid with multiple products and multiple categories. Admin can define the view like Grid or Scroller of Products Grid and also can define the number of products which wants to show in that particular Grid.

Notification: In the Customer app addon menu under the Notification option, Admin can make promotions and send notifications to all app users at once for respective categories, products, and vendor offers.

Homepage Layout: In the Customer app addon menu under the Homepage Layout option, the admin can customize the homepage layout.

CS-Cart Customer Application User Guide:


The launching screen of the app can be amended from the code end and will appear to the users as they open up the app. Thus, helping the app owner to introduce the app or organization in a better way.


SignUp and Login Screen:

As you can in the below screenshots there is a signup screen where a new user can Register to themself just by filling in some required fields and clicking on the Signup button. if there is any registered user he just needs to enter his email address as username and password for login the app as you can see in the login screen.


Login With OTP:

At the login screen, there is an option of login with OTP. for this users just need to click on login with OTP after that a new screen appears and then user enter their mobile number and click on request OTP then they get OTP on that entered mobile number then enter that OTP and click on verify OTP, if the OTP is verified then user are login successfully after that they just need to complete their profile.


Forget Password:

If the app users forgot their password, they need to click on Forget Password and there is a popup coming and the user needs to enter their registration email to reset their password, after entering email then click on submit button a reset password link is sent by the app at the user’s registered email address.     



As you can see in the below screenshots there is a Home Screen of the app. at the top of the home screen username appears in the left corner, in the center, there is a logo of the company and on the right side at the top, you can see the wishlist and cart button. after below you can see there is a search bar which is used for searching products, vendors, etc, below you can see the categories after below you can see the banners, products grids, and some promo blocks, at the bottom of the home screen you can see the navigation menu like home, categories, cart, my orders, and my account.



Product Listing and Product Details:




How to Write and See Product Reviews:

Step1: If the product is rated or reviewed then click on See Reviews button otherwise click on the Write a review button

Step2: Then you can see all the client reviews on the product.

Step3: If you want to add your review on this product then click on Add Your Button which is given at the bottom.

Step4: After that, a new page opens where you can rate this product and also you can write your review then click on send button, once your review is approved by the admin then it will be added to review.




A cart is an essential part of an e-commerce app. In this tab where users can pile up what they want to buy from the app and then simply checkout by paying online.







Checkout-Through Wallet:





In the categories tab, all products are categorized under different type categories according to their product characteristics, this makes users find their product easily according to the categories. all the app product categories and their subcategories are listed here.


My Orders:

In this tab, the user can see the list of his orders and see the order details of any particular order where he finds the payment summary, payment method, shipping method, shipping address, seller info, and also he can track that order.


My Account:

In this tab, users can edit their profile, add an address, app settings, and other options/features are provided for users like-

  • Users can edit their profiles.
  • In the My orders section, users can see the list of their orders.
  • In the Favorites sections, users can see all of his all wishlist products. 



  • In the My wallet section, users can see all the wallet transactions, and also they can add money into their wallet.




How to add money into wallet:

Step1: Open My Wallet, then click on Add Money Button.

Step2: Then a pop-up appears where you can see your current wallet balance and also there is an input field where you can enter the amount which you want to add to your wallet then click on add money.

Step3: Select the payment method and then click on confirm button. after successful payment, the money is added to your account. You can see the order details or you can check the wallet transaction there you can find the latest wallet transaction.



  • In the My rewards section, users can see all the reward points transactions/logs, and also they can convert their reward points into wallet cash.

 How to convert reward points into wallet cash:

Step1: Open My Rewards, then click on the Transfer to Wallet button.

Step2: Then a pop-up appears where you can see your current points and a input-fields where Enter the points which you want to convert into your wallet cash then clicks on transfer to the wallet.

Step3: After successfully converting the reward point into your wallet cash, You can see reward points transactions/logs.




  • In the My address section, users can add/edit multiple shipping and billing addresses for checkout products.




  • In the Settings section, users can get multiple app setting options like- turn on/off notification, change app currency, change app languages.



  • In the Contact-us and Whatsapp section users can contact the store admin regarding any queries or app issues.
  • In the Message section, users can chat with the vendors regarding any products and orders.


How to message(Chat) with the vendor regarding any product:

Step1: open any product details page then scroll the page, there is a section of Vendor Details in this section, you found the ask a question option then click on that.

Step2: a new tab opens where you can enter the message and then click on the submit button.

Step3: If you want to see the reply to your messages, then go to the My Account > Messages section then you can see your latest messages.

Step4: Click on any message on which you want to reply and now you may start chatting.




How to message(Chat) with the vendor regarding orders:

Step1: Go to My Orders then click on any order, an order details tab opens.

Step2: in the order detail page, there is an option to Ask questions about this Order, click on it.

Step3: a new tab opens where you can enter the message and then click on the submit button.

Step4: If you want to see the reply to your messages, then go to the My Account > Messages section then you can see your latest messages.

Step5: Click on any message on which you want to reply and now you may start chatting.



At the bottom of my account section, there are some links like privacy policy, contact-us, and about the company that may help users to know more about their shopping store, and also there is a signout button that helps users to log out from their account.

Tutorial Link:





Supported Versions:

CS-Cart, CS-Cart Multivendor 4.8.x, 4.9.x,4.10x,4.11x,4.12,4.13x, 4.14x, v4.15x


This app is developed and published by Ecarter Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a CS-Cart developer. You are guaranteed a quality add-on supported by future versions. If you need help, please contact us via email support@ecarter.co