CS-Cart Hyper-Pay Payment Gateway

An all-in-one payments platform, designed to enable businesses selling goods or services online to: Accept Payments, Expand Quickly, Manage Risk, and Track Results, all from a single platform.

HyperPay's payment gateway can easily integrate with CS-Cart platforms which accept online payment in real-time, with more flexibility, security, and ease. This Payment Gateway works with checkout for payment in Cs-Cart.


  • HyperPay allows you to enable a wide variety of local, regional, and global payment options to cater to all consumer preferences and increase conversion rates.
  • HyperPay processes all major debit and credit cards like VISA, American EXPRESS, Union Pay, master card, etc.
  • HyperPay’s payment gateway can integrate with all popular shopping cart platforms. Set it up fast, and start processing online payments.
  • Optimize Your Checkout Experience
  • Create a checkout experience that works seamlessly across browsers and devices of all sizes. You are given full control over your payment form, it’s Flexible and Customizable.
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates, Boost your sales.
  • HyperPay is fully PCI-Compliant, adding the highest levels of security to the checkout experience, to protect your business from fraudsters and guarantee a safe purchasing environment for your customers.


Addon-Installation: For the installation process you need to go Add-ons > Manage add-ons > then click on the gear button and choose manual installation then there is a pop-up of manual installation is open and you can choose an option to upload addon zip and install the addon.

Create New Payment Method Hyper Pay: To create a new payment method we need to go into Adminstrations>Payment Methods and create there.

General tab: Add general information about the payment method.

Name: add payment method name here.

Processor: choose a payment processor for that payment method which we are going to create.

Configuration tab: Configure payment method with the payment processor.

Entity Id: provided by the payment method company.

Access Token: provided by the payment method company.

Test/Live mode: select mode like for test environment “test” and for production environment select “live”.

Brand: select credit/debit card brand from here.

Currency: the selected currency for the payment method.

Success Status: select order success status from here.

Failed status: select order success status from here.

Storefronts tab: if you are want to use this payment method for only any specific storefronts then you can add those storefronts from here otherwise it will work for all your storefronts.

Checkout Trough Hyper Pay Payment Method:

Enter Card Details and Pay:

Order Information (Frontend):

Order Information (Backend):

Tutorial Link:



Supported Versions:

CS-Cart, CS-Cart Multivendor,4.8.x, 4.9.x,4.10x,4.11x,4.12x,4.13x, 4.14x, v4.15x


This app is developed and published by Ecarter Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a CS-Cart developer. You are guaranteed a quality add-on supported by future versions. If you need help, please contact us via email support@ecarter.co

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