Cs-Cart Auction



This magnificent add-on is usually a process of buying and selling goods or services  by offering them up for bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder or buying the item from the lowest bidder.Cs-cart auction allows both admin and vendor can create the auction. Buyers can bid for the product.This addon convert the CS-Cart E-Commerce site into an Auction website with the splendid add-on CS-Cart Auction.

Admin/vendor can monitor all the bids happening at any particular auction product. The highest bidder will automatically be the auction winner and will then be able to purchase the auction product.

Cs-Cart Auction Features - 

  • Functionality to enable auction on any desired product.
  • Admin or vendor can set auction starting & ending time.
  • Admin or vendor can see all the auction bidders in real time.
  • Very user-friendly both at backend and frontend.
  • Functionality to set auto increment in bid value after each bid is available.
  • Functionality to set Reserved Price, Starting bid Price and Incremental Price.
  • Admin can set the limit for the display of auction history at the user end.
  • Better representation of view at both backend and frontend.
  • Well Integrated with CS-Cart Multivendor.
  • The vendor can also add & view the Auction.
  • Notify auction followers before auction start and auction end via email.
  • Notify auction winner and admin via email 
  • Notify auction's last highest bidder when new highest bid got placed.
  • Admin can declare winner.
  • Customizable bidder details.
  • Bidder can see all auctions in which bidder has been participated.  
  • User can buy auction product at any time on buy now price.
  • Customizable auction view by changing colors.

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