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The Orders feedback addon allows giving feedback on tha product. It is used for automatically sending e-mails to customers who placed an order in the store. The store administrator can create the template of the e-mail, set the reminder time and choose order statuses. The order feedback link send to the customer's email and from mail, the user gives reviews to the product and attracts the customer 

If you select the old e-mail templates mode in the store settings, then the "Leave reviews on one-page" button will be available in e-mail, which leads to a page where the buyer can leave feedback on all purchased products.


  • Well integrated with CS-Cart &Multi-Vendor and Multistore-front and single storefront.
  • Works well with Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers.
  • Feature to create any amount of different feedback.
  • Feature to set different periods for each feedback.
  • Feature to choose order statuses for each feedback.
  • Feature to use "Test mode" and see what e-mails will receive from your customers.
  • Feature to send notifications to leave a review, even if the product has no comments enabled.
  • Feature to give user permissions.
  • CS-Cart
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor PLUS
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate

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