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Easy Shopping, Easy Login!  
Discover the convenience of our new Google One Tap Sign-In on CS-Cart!

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Google One Tap Sign-in Add-on

The CS-Cart addon for Google One Tap Sign-In is a handy addon that allows your customers to log in to your CS-Cart-powered online store with just a single click. It simplifies the login process by giving users the option to use their Google account credentials the login process by giving users the option to use their Google account credentials, eliminating the need to remember yet another username and password

the customer experience, making it faster and more convenient for users to access your website. With the CS-Cart addon for Google One Tap Sign-In, you can enhance user engagement and reduce login-related friction, ultimately improving the user experience on your e-commerce platform. It's a practical and user-friendly way to boost customer satisfaction and encourage repeat visits to your online store.


  • One-Click Login: Customers can log in with a single click using their Google account, saving time and effort.
  • Smooth Integration: The addon smoothly integrates with your CS-Cart online store.
  • Improve Security: Google's robust security measures protect user data during login.
  • Increased Sign-Ups: The simplified login process encourages more people to sign up on your site.
  • Reduced Friction: Users can access your website quickly, reducing the friction associated with the login process.
  • User Convenience: It enhances user convenience by eliminating the need to remember and input complex usernames and passwords.
  • OTP Verification: We offer services from just two SMS providers: Twilio and One Way SMS.

Simplify your Customer shopping experience with CS-Cart's Google One Tap Sign-In! One click is all it takes - no more password stress!

Why try it? Quick Access Better Shopping Experience No More Passwords to Remember

Enjoy a smoother, faster shopping journey! Try CS-Cart's Google One Tap Sign-In now. #EasyShopping #CSmart #NoMorePasswords

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