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The "Force Login" addon is designed to enhance store security and user privacy by enforcing a mandatory login for accessing specific Storefronts webpages. The primary purpose of this addon is to restrict public access to certain parts of a page or the entire storefront, ensuring that only registered and authenticated users can view its content.


  • Mandatory Login: When a user attempts to access a protected webpage or storefront, the addon will prompt them to log in or create an account before granting access to the content.
  • When a non-logged-in user tries to access a protected page, the addon might redirect them to a custom login page.
  • Customizable Access Control: Storefront administrators or admin would have the ability to configure which pages or sections require mandatory login and which can remain publicly accessible.
  • Well integrated with both CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multi-vendor.
  • CS-Cart
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor PLUS
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate

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