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The CS-Cart Phone Mask Add-on focuses on country codes. A phone mask coupled with a country code serves as an indicator of a phone number's origin, based on a distinct set of numbers. The country code functions as an identification for the country, aiding in identifying the phone number's registration location. For example, +1 stands for the United States. Positioned at the beginning of a phone number, the country code is essential in determining the country to which the number is affiliate


  •  Country Differentiation: Country codes function as distinctive identifiers for each nation, consisting of numerical sequences pinpointing a phone number’s country of origin.
  •  Universal Acknowledgment: Phone masks incorporating country codes enjoy international recognition. This ensures that individuals from diverse countries can readily discern the source or destination of a call.
  •  Dialing Precision: The country code guarantees accurate international number dialing, averting any confusion when placing or receiving calls across borders.
  • Country Selection: Customize your display by choosing specific countries to be shown.
  • Automatic Country Detection: Enable automatic country identification for comprehensive coverage.
  • Crucial Position: The country code is positioned at the beginning of a phone number, making it a critical component for accurately determining the country to which the number belongs.
  • Global Applicability: The CS-Cart Phone Mask Add-on offers global applicability, making it suitable for businesses and users worldwide, regardless of their location.
  • Error Prevention: By utilizing country codes, this add-on helps prevent errors in international calling, reducing the risk of misdialing or misunderstanding the origin of a call.
  • Enhanced User Experience:  Users benefit from a more seamless and user-friendly experience when dealing with phone numbers, as the country code aids in quickly identifying the country associated with a number.
  • Customization Options: The add-on may provide options to customize or modify country codes to meet specific business or user requirements.
  • Improved Communication: With country codes in place, the add-on enhances communication by ensuring that calls are directed accurately and users have a better understanding of the source of incoming calls.

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