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The add-on provides amazing functionality to prevent saving bad words while saving any data like adding the product name, product descriptions, features, filters, options, or adding any customer name, customer information, etc to your stores. 

For this a store admin just need to save a list of words in Website> Block Bad Words and when he/she use those words to save in any data at the store the addon show a warring while using those words and there are some options in addon setting to take some actions for those words.


  • Easy to integrate with CS-Cart/CS-Cart Multivendor.
  • Feature of preventing to save bad words into store data.
  • In the addon setting, there are Features of taking actions for bad words like, Remove the word from the sentence or asterisks the middle letters for the single word, Replacing letters with asterisks in between the first and last letter, Replace the complete words with asterisks or take no actions.                   
  • In the addon setting, there is a Feature to enable/disable Case Sensitivity while checking for the Bad Words.
  • Scan all products to remove the bad words from the name, short description, description.
  • Scan all blogs/pages to remove any bad words.
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